The Keep The School Safe Tour: is a Program that allow artists give a fixed donation to the cause and be able to perform clean music for the students and give a positive message about the importance of staying in school and learning in a safe and free from bullying, drug and gun free environment.


We also allow the students with good grades to take pictures with the artists and get signed autograph. Special guest speakers talk to the students about the importance of education and they are our future leaders. We give out educational gifts to some of the students letting them see and know that we CARE about their future.




My Child is a Scholar Program: KTSS works with Damion J Jackson Educational Consultant Services that provide its educational enrichment programs for disadvantage youths who need the extra academic assistance to take a 6 week prep course in order to achieve the scores needed to pass the SAT/ACT test to have the opportunities to attend a college or university of their choice. KTSS will provide financial assistance to pay full or portion of the cost for this educational service based on parents financial status.



Reach One to Teach One Program: KTSS has allocated a program to canvas low poverty communities where DPS are located to reach the students and parents for assistance in getting the educational items and supplies they need for remote learning or in-person schooling.

Assessments are done with participating parents along with the students to understand their needs in the areas of tutoring, educational supplies, parent and student counseling needs. The evaluation will also  allow us to aid in getting these educational items to them if parents don't have accessible transportation.

We are the advocate to provide the information for the services needed for mental health assistance as well as providing the information to these resources that are free of charge.



The Keep The School Safe Educational Assistance Program is where our certified staff help assist students with homework assignments, school projects, essays, book reports plus any educational learning they need to help further their educational skills. We strive to assist students to reach for the stars by helping encouraging them and letting them know we are here and we care,



I Am My Brother/Sister Keeper 2nd Chances Program: KTSS 1st time Youth Offender's program where we advocate case management services to parents who are unable financially to receive proper legal representation on the behalf of their children who may have committed a crime and is facing possible juvenile time.


We work with certified case managers that will assist with helping the youth with 1st time charges ages 18 or under as we work with the juvenile court system to allot other alternative programs instead of incarceration to get them back on track. Re-establish them within the public-school system and assistance with mentoring programs to make sure they are receiving the proper attention they deserve.



The Keep The School Safe We Care Program helps assist with mental health issues and anti-bullying . We also provide student counselling, parent and student counselling. Sometimes it starts with the home. We help the students find their true inner talent to bring out the positive inside them. That helps them want to receive the education they truly need.