The Keep The School Safe Tour is a Program that allow artists give a fixed donation to the cause and be able to perform for the students and give a positive message about the importance of staying in school and learning in a safe bullying, drug and gun free environment.




The Keep The School Safe Award Program is where we collect donations and corporate sponsorship to provide educational supplies, etc. to show we appreciate the students that show hard work and dedication to receiving their education at our keep the school safe tours. By awarding them shows that we care about our students at each and every school we attend.


The Keep The School Safe Mentoring Program provides motivational speakers and mentors that offer their professional expertise to assist in educating the youth and helping them decide what career path they would like to choose plus involve them in educational activities and trips.




The Keep The School Safe Educational Assistance Program is where our certified staff help assist students with homework assignments, school projects, essays, book reports plus any educational learning they need to help further their educational skills. We strive to assist students to reach for the stars by helping encouraging them and letting them know we are here and we care,


Keep The School Safe 1st time Youth Offenders offers case management programs. Our certified case managers will assist with helping the youth with 1st time charges ages 18 and under get to back on track, check on them in school, assist in mentoring them and making sure they receive proper attention with their case.




The Keep The School Safe We Care Program helps assist with mental health issues and anti-bullying . We also provide student counselling, parent and student counselling. Sometimes it starts with the home. We help the students find their true inner talent to bring out the positive inside them. That helps them want to receive the education they truly need.

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