We at Keep The School Safe, Inc. Our purpose and mission is to help our youth understand the importance of education and keeping drugs, guns and bullying out of the schools so they can learn and work in a safe drug free environment. We started with a school tour to speak with the students through entertainment being that music plays a major part of our kids lives. We have done successful musical tours 7 years strong and founder Carol A Dorsey felt that it was time to get more involved by becoming a non-profit organization that will provide school supplies,  educational tools, gift certificates, health programs, sports training programs, mentoring programs, tutoring programs, family counseling, plus we are also getting involved with 1st time youth offenders that we provide case management to help them get back on track and back to receiving their education allowing them 2nd chances by receiving funding from fundraisers, charitable contributions, public donations,

corporate sponsorship, government funding, etc.. This 501c3 organization is here to help our youth understand we care and we are here to help them. The organization side for the tour utilizes the reputation of not only upcoming artists but other artists of popular recognition as well as motivational speakers to encourage students in local schools in different states to make good decisions and aim towards a positive future. KTSS is a positive, motivational organization that will help students to look within their inner person and become all that they can be and become future mentors to the generations to come. This helps us get students more involved with our programs to help better assist them. We ask the you support this positive movement by sending us a donation that you can afford by hitting the link below or you can give us a call at 313-528-SAFE and to speak to one of our representatives about Corporate Sponsorship. Thanks in advance for your donations