Committee Board

Carol A Dorsey

(Director of Operations)

Leceto Garrett


Pamela Garrett

(Development Director)

Anthony Dorsey

(Public Schools Scout)


Leceto Garrett-Co-founder



Keep The School Safe, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that was founded by Carol A Dorsey of Madd Money Entertainment Group and Leceto Garrett of Wideopen Mgmt  in January 2013. They decided to put together a inspirational-motivational tour featuring Detroit and other well known artists and new upcoming ones allowing them to perform and give a positive message about education, being drug free and keeping guns out of the schools, also speaking about close family and friends they may have lost because of violence,guns and drugs. We will be expanding our tour and bringing it to other cities in Michigan making it a state wide event.

We as an non-profit organization now are raising funds to accommodate services needed for the school events and now we are providing school supplies,  educational supplies, tutoring classes, parenting classes, anti-cyber bullying classes and offering mental health programs to help with troubled youths to get them back on track and focus on their education. Founder Carol A Dorsey hopes to make a positive impact in the lives of students not only in Detroit but in the surrounding areas from state to state and beyond. KTSS is a positive, motivational organization that will help students to look within their inner person and become all that they can be and become future mentors to the generations to come.

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