​Keep The School Safe, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that was founded by Carol A Dorsey and Leceto Garrett  in January 2013. They decided to put together a inspirational-motivational tour featuring Detroit and other well known artists and new upcoming ones allowing them to perform and give a positive message about education, being drug free and keeping guns out of the schools, also speaking about close family and friends they may have lost because of violence, guns and drugs.

This project has become so successful for the past few years that they have transformed the program to raise funds or donations to provide  school supplies, education material, motivational speakers, mental health programs, anti-bullying programs, assistant with after school care for tutoring students that need the extra help with homework assignments or class projects, student and family counseling....

We at Keep The School Safe, Inc. appreciate your donations because it helps provide services as well as school supplies, 

mentoring programs, handling bullying among students plus more that are much needed within these schools today. The kids are our future and we must let them know we care and we are here for them...Become a monthly donor for only $10 a month..

Our doors are always open to volunteers to help with our tours,  mentoring programs, fundraisers plus special events. We appreciate the support from all races and cultures. United we stand and divided we fall. Our program is open to all positive ideas that you can bring to the table to keep hope alive for our youth and that we care about their future by encouraging non violence and stopping bullying...

Keep the School Safe, Inc. strives to be an advocate for the value of education to enhance student’s achievement and better prepare them for a global economy as well as the elimination of violence, bullying, guns and drugs among our youth. Our goal is to ensure that students have the ability to succeed in and outside of school with the assistance of the organization providing students with proper school supplies, parenting classes, anti-cyber bullying workshops along with mental health programs.

© 2018 by Keep The School Safe, Inc. Proudly created with Carol A Dorsey

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